We get a lot of very special, personal and wonderful news from our patients at Dr Vitalis Acupuncture. Sometimes these patients are generous enough to share their stories with us. With their permission, we’re sharing their stories here.

* We have excluded infertility success stories due to ethical concerns.

“My headaches would wake me several times a night” James Hardy

I was suffering from a severe headache that just wouldn’t go away. It felt as if it was moving around in my head, but would never stop. My headaches would wake me several times a night, and although pain killers would lighten the intensity, the headaches persisted.

Because of a lack of sleep I felt extremely exhausted and depressed. It felt as if I was going mad. I couldn’t even have a normal conversation. This sudden, sharp pain in my head, would make me lose the train of thought.

I was desperate. I’ve consulted my regular GP several times to no avail. I’ve seen an osteopath several times as well. Osteopath seemed to help my neck problem, but it didn’t make a dent in the severe headaches. I was devastated, and no one could fix my headaches. My wife suggested that I see Vitalis after witnessing a speedy recovery of a colleague at work.

After months of suffering, I am relieved from the headache. It’s absolute bliss to have a good night’s rest. And this only after 3 sessions of acupuncture. Next time I won’t linger before consulting Vitalis, this experience was a real eye-opener.

I’d recommend Vitalis without hesitation to anyone suffering from headaches. Even if you are suffering from something else and haven’t yet tried acupuncture with Vitalis, my recommendation is pick up the phone and give him a ring now.

James Hardy, 42 yo

After one treatment I had very little expectations. To my surprise anxiety reduced by 90%, severe night sweats and unpleasant dreams stopped Wayne McKeown Construction site manager
“I’m now in my second trimester with a very healthy pregnancy and feeling great” Julie Cook, Titirangi

After 2 miscarriages, and then a year without conceiving again, a friend recommended Vitalis to me.
The initial consultation and treatments were very reassuring, and within 5 months of treatments with Vitalis, I fell pregnant.
To ensure a continued pregnancy I have been seeing Vitalis regularly and am now in my second trimester with a very healthy pregnancy and feeling great.

I would recommend Vitalis to anyone in a similar position, and have already recommended him to friends.

We’re very pleased with the results of the treatment; thanks Vitalis!

Julie Cook