“my personal proof that acupuncture is truly an effective form of fertility treatment”

My journey with Dr Vitalis Acupuncture is an eventful one. Telling my story, my wish is that it brings hope to women who have experienced similar challenges.

In 2016 I was trying to conceive my first child and had very long menstrual cycles. I had learned how acupuncture was a successful first step in addressing fertility issues for some women from personal stories posted online. And decided to give this a try. I was very much interested in clean living and fitness, and acupuncture mirrored my desire to seek help that was more natural than pharmaceutical therapies. Little did I know, I was already pregnant when I had my first appointment. I continued with acupuncture for the successful treatment of nausea and fatigue in my first trimester.

Later, my husband and I were devastated to learn that we had lost our daughter Summer, who was stillborn at 37 weeks in March 2017. As one can imagine, this experience took an immense toll on my physical and emotional well-being. I returned to Dr Vitalis to help treat the effects of my grief, and to heal my postpartum body.

Eventually, we conceived our second daughter, Devon, who was born in June 2018. This time, I continued with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy. And I firmly believe this was the reason why I was able to manage my anxiety around being pregnant again, especially when I approaching the same gestation when I lost our beautiful Summer. Vitalis and Roberta were incredibly in tune with how I was feeling and what I may have needed at each treatment and their care during this time is something I will always be grateful for.

Now, I am pregnant with our third child, due in late April this year and also owe this incredible gift to the wonders of acupuncture and the expertise of Vitalis and Roberta. I had been breastfeeding Devon for close to two years when we decided that we wanted to try again and complete our family. I had not had a single menstrual cycle since Devon’s birth and our little ‘milk monster’, as I affectionally referred to her, was not very happy that our breastfeeding journey was possibly coming to an end. I was starting to give up hope that our last baby was going to come easily but I was reluctant to wean breastfeeding abruptly in order to gain my cycle back. Naturally, I sought advice and treatment from Dr Vitalis again. Although no promises were made, I could feel the changes in my body after only a few treatments. And I was absolutely astonished to discover that I had fallen pregnant after my first round of ovulation – there was not even a chance for a period!

During this pregnancy, I had treatment for migraines in my first trimester. And consequently, these have completely disappeared. After what I have experienced, my pregnancies, this is my personal proof that acupuncture is truly an effective form of fertility treatment.

My advice to anyone considering acupuncture is to let go of any hesitations and trust the process. Even when sometimes you can feel like ‘nothing’ is happening, after some time you realise and you can feel an incredible fine-tuning of your very complex inner-workings! And I believe, this is where Vitalis and Roberta’s expertise is second-to-none. We live in a society where we are so used to having a prescription handed to us but I encourage anyone to try acupuncture first.