Acupuncture for headache

Needles better than pills for headache

Approximately 4% of people live with headaches nearly every day. Nonpharmacologic interventions for frequent headaches may be not suitable. Firstly, it doesn’t address the cause of the issue. Secondly, they come with a long list of side effects. A study, published in the journal Headache, confirmed once more, that acupuncture is really effective in relieving […]

New study – Acupuncture improves sperm quality

Quantitative evaluation of spermatozoa ultrastructure after acupuncture treatment for idiopathic male infertility. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the ultramorphologic sperm features of idiopathic infertile men after acupuncture therapy. DESIGN: Prospective controlled study. PATIENT(S): Forty men with idiopathic oligospermia, asthenospermia, or teratozoospermia. INTERVENTION(S): Twenty eight of the patients received acupuncture twice a week over a period of 5 […]

A study: acupuncture improves cancer patients wellbeing

A new Perth study has found acupuncture and massage significantly improve the well-being of cancer patients. More than 500 patients in the study began using complementary treatments in addition to traditional medicine like chemotherapy and morphine over a 17-month period. The researchers at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital found the therapies relieved physical symptoms such as […]

It works for me: Chinese herbal medicine

Cecilia Conrad gave up all hopes of a cure for her chronic urinary infections until she discovered a Chinese herbs and acupuncture. My first bout of cystitis prematurely curtailed the exhilarating few days that followed my teenage deflowering. The bewildering and rapidly intensifying pain was later cooingly described to me by my doctor as “stinging” […]

Acupuncture for headache

Laser acupuncture makes a difference for tension headache

Headache affects the lives of millions. Tension headache is among the most common. Acupuncture is the most widely practiced non-medicinal treatment for various pains and headaches. Turkish researchers set to find out how acupuncture helps with tension headaches. They divided individuals into two groups. One group had ten sessions of laser acupuncture three times per […]

Acupuncture as good as painkillers, says study

Sceptics have long said acupuncture is all in the mind. But a study has found that the ancient Chinese practice is as effective as popular painkillers for treating disabling conditions such as arthritis. A team of scientists from two British universities carried out brain scans on patients while they underwent the 2500-year-old treatment. The scans […]

Acupuncture for back pain

Acupuncture effectively relieves chronic low back pain

Acupuncture effectively relieves chronic low back pain, concluded a newly published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Study background: Low back pain limits activity and is the second most frequent reason for physician visits. Previous research shows widespread use of acupuncture for low back pain. The purpose of this study was to assess acupuncture’s […]

Acupuncture fertility treatment - a last hope for many

Acupuncture: A Cure for Infertility?

NEW YORK — At 36, Lucy Appert has suffered through two miscarriages, a stillbirth at 8 1/2 months and, because of a rare pregnancy-related liver dysfunction, intensive illness and surgery. Yet after enduring five painful years of trying to have their own baby, Appert and her husband Edward finally saw their dream come true last […]