Another proof that Chinese medicine is effective. This time for type 2 diabetes.

A gardenia fruit extract used in Chinese medicine for
centuries to treat diabetes is effective, scientists confirmed.

Researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School found a chemical from the fruit blocks the action of an enzyme which stops the production of insulin.

Insulin is made in the pancreas, and stimulates cells to
take up as much glucose as they need for energy, thereby regulating
blood sugar levels.

But in people with diabetes, there is too little insulin, which causes blood sugar concentrations to rise.

The research was published in Cell Metabolism.

My comment:

We’ve been using gardenia for ages and never needed any confirmation it to be effective. The pharmaceuticals will obviously try to find a way to excrete and isolate the compound which inhibits UCP2 and make a huge profit selling the medicine. Nothing wrong with that.

However, any Chinese medicine herbalist will tell you that gardenia alone does not treat diabetes. We need a formula of a few herbs to achieve the best effect. When the chemicals form Chinese medicines are excreted and purified, the amount of that particular chemical has to be increased for it to be effective. This can lead to undesirable side-effects and adverse events.