“My fertility specialist told me that the only way for us to conceive was through egg donation and IVF” Louise Hickey

My name is Louise, I am a 42 year old health professional. I have done shift work for over 20 years, which I believe, could have contributed to my reproductive troubles.

My husband and I first conceived when I was 39 years old and delivered a beautiful baby girl. When my daughter turned 1 we decided to start trying to conceive again.

After 9 months of trying with no success, we made an appointment with Fertility Associates in Auckland. FA told me that my eggs were old, of poor quality, and that I would probably stop ovulating within a year or so if I hadn’t already. Despite the bleak prognosis, I was commenced on clomifine and had 6 cycles. I had 1 chemical pregnancy within that time.

It didn’t last long, before the specialist told us that clomophene was of no use in my situation. They were of the opinion that the only way for us to conceive was through egg donation and IVF. Both my husband and I were devastated. Upon our request, FA allowed us to try clomifine for another 3 months until we had decided what we were going to do.

I found some information on acupuncture in the Fertility Associates information book. I did a bit of research and discovered how acupuncture could help with fertility. I decided to give it a go.

I found my twice a week acupuncture sessions to be very relaxing. I even fell asleep on more than one occasion during my treatment.

But what I didn’t expect was the changes I noticed in my body. I observed changes in my cycle and and other subtle changes in my reproductive health. My cycle started to behave a lot more like when I was much younger.

As a health professional, I know the blood flow significantly reduces as you near menopause. As we age our bodies determine the uterus to be a non-essential organ, reducing blood flow which in turn affects fertility. Acupuncture improves the blood flow. I believe the changes in my reproductive health I observed were due to the increased blood flow.

And the most exciting news. During the last clomifine cycle and after 3 months of acupuncture my husband and I conceived.

We are currently 22 weeks pregnant. Both myself and the baby are in great health.

I am convinced that acupuncture played a vital role in our ability to conceive without any further medical intervention. Both Vitalis and Roberta are empathetic, highly qualified professionals who make time to listen and advise as required. I can’t thank them enough for all their support and ongoing treatment.