“I had fallen pregnant naturally before IVF, which was the most amazing surprise” Natalie

I was recommended by two friends to get acupuncture treatments with the Dr Vitalis Clinic after trying to conceive for two years. One friend had success falling pregnant naturally and another friend had a successful IVF pregnancy.

I had decided I would try IVF and wanted to start acupuncture in preparation for that. After a handful of treatments, I discovered that I had fallen pregnant naturally which was the most amazing surprise.

I found my acupuncture treatments to not only be a relaxing and positive experience but I also gained great value in the wealth of knowledge that Roberta has around fertility (I imagine this comes from her vast international experience that I that I hadn’t experienced in NZ before).

In between appointments with fertility doctors and scans, I found Roberta an amazing sounding board, as she was so happy to answer any questions or concerns that I had and by doing so she really calmed my nerves and helped me relax in the early stages of my pregnancy. Roberta has a really warm manner and I felt really supported and like I was truly in expert hands.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to start a family go to the Dr Vitalis Clinic – they really know what they are doing, they turn an anxious situation into an enjoyable one and they get the results! I’m just so grateful I discovered them.