“[This treatment] has gifted me with an exuberance for life I never imagined I could feel again”

With the pressures of an arduous job and the onerous perfectionist schedule dominating my existence, I am so glad Vitalis is always an appointment away for sorting out my grey matter!

Vitalis has alleviated me from corporate burnout and depression, which spiraled out of control despite many sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists (and trials of various pharmaceutical concoctions). His therapeutic treatments and great advice has gifted me with an exuberance for life I never imagined I could feel again.

Lien Huynh

“I was suffering from debilitating migraines…”

Following a snowboarding accident I started to suffer from severe migraines and neck pain. At times the neck was hurting so much, it was keeping me awake at night. I was suffering from debilitating migraines at least twice a month.

In the past 2 years I saw a sports and musculoskeletal medicine specialist and 3 different physiotherapists. These treatments didn’t leave a mark on my almost daily neck pain and headaches.

I love exercise. I enjoy swimming, pilates, running, gym and box-aerobics. But the pain often used to get worse during and after exercise.

I was so frustrated by lack of any progress, when one of my colleagues recommended that I should see Vitalis.

I’m enjoying life so much more now. I said good-bye to all the painkillers. After suffering for such a long time, it feels so great to be pain free! I can concentrate at work again, I enjoy my exercise so much more, and overall I’m much more balanced and happy.

Lula Rohrer
Age 31
Project Manager, External Relations at The University of Auckland

“I practised acupuncture for 7 years when I was a general practitioner” Dr. Laurie Jo Moore

I have consulted Vitalis for back and neck pain and believe that he is most skillful and effective clinician I have ever seen for musculoskeletal pain.

I have had a special interest in pain and I studied acupuncture myself in the US under a French Canadian anesthesiologist. I practiced acupuncture for 7 years when I was a general practitioner and I also saw many chiropractors and osteopathic doctors over the course of years. Vitalis is without question able to accomplish a more effective response than anyone I have ever seen.

Dr. Laurie Jo Moore