Your first fertility acupuncture consultation

During your initial fertility consultation, we aim to understand as much as possible about your situation and give a meaningful advice. To get the best value, please provide us with reproductive health-related information ahead of the consultation.

  • Schedule your fertility consultation

    Request an appointment using this form or call us on 09 486 5111. Your initial consultation will be at our North Shore rooms.

  • Comprehensive fertility questionnaire

    Fill in a comprehensive fertility questionnaire. We recommend filling this in well before your consultation so that we can look through it in advance,  allowing us more meaningful time during your consultation.

  • Bring your male/female partner

    We have female patients who are trying to conceive with donor sperm or gay couples. For these patients, it may not be necessary to bring their partner. We recommend most other patients bring their partner to the initial fertility consultation.

    Female partner:

    We’re interested in any history of previous pregnancies, how regular your cycles and menstrual flow are. If you’re trying to conceive naturally, we need to know if your intercourse is timed to your ovulation, how the ovulation is timed, your age, and many other factors.  We will request you to fill in a fertility questionnaire.

    Male partner:

    We’re interested in fertility history, lifestyle factors (including work, diet, habits, etc).

  • Bring any information you may have

    Collect prior reports.  Hormone testing, semen analyses, history of any fertility-related procedures like laparoscopic surgeries, clomiphene, letrozole treatment, IUI, IVF, ICSI and any others. If you don’t have written reports, please give us some detail about the reproductive testing and history when filling in our form ahead of your appointment.

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