Dr Vitalis Acupuncturist

Vitalis is a loving father of two. Spending quality time with his children is one of his very favourite things.

Dr Vitalis Skiauteris

Dr Vitalis acquired his expertise through rigorous and extensive training. He is one of the few European practitioners, who mastered the Chinese language , enabling him to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. He even completed his Chinese Medicine degree in Chinese.

Dr Vitalis is particularly passionate about caring for patients with reproductive health problems, pain, stress/anxiety, depression and complex health issues.

Qualification Highlights

  • Qualified at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine as a medical doctor in acupuncture
  • Over eight years of study and practice of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine at renowned hospitals in China
  • In private practice in Auckland since 2002
  • New Zealand registered Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner
  • New Zealand registered Chinese medicine Women’s health specialist
  • Strong special interest in fertility and women’s health since 1999
  • Special interest in the treatment of pain since 1993
  • Diploma in Vertebral Diseases (Tokyo-Moscow)
  • ACC treatment provider, Registered Member of the NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority
  • Former clinical supervisor and tutor at New Zealand School of Acupuncture Auckland (2003-2006)
  • Vitalis is fluent in English, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin) and Lithuanian; he can understand Dutch and German. Patients speaking any of these languages are welcome.
Roberta acupuncture fertility specialist based in Auckland

Roberta Mek

Roberta is the only acupuncturist in NZ holding the title of Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

She completed her Master’s degree at Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine and is a NZ registered Reproductive health/fertility TCM specialist.

Additionally to her busy clinics Roberta works on a study involving acupuncture in advanced maternal age patients/poor IVF responders.

Roberta is a recipient of Ngaire Walsh award (Natural Fertility New Zealand). As a Natural Fertility New Zealand accredited fertility educator she runs fertility workshops for women trying to conceive.

Roberta is a full practising member of Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) and ACC provider.

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Sunday Star Times

“Auckland-based acupuncturist and Chinese medical practitioner Dr Vitalis Skiauteris specialises in acupuncture to help treat infertility and has worked alongside fertility clinics”

NZ Herald

“One of the best-known names in fertility-related acupuncture”