Male fertility and acupuncture

Studies have shown acupuncture to benefit sperm quality – increase sperm motility and count, and decrease abnormal forms sperm.

“Acupuncture treatment is a simple, non-invasive method that can improve sperm quality.”
Dr Jian Pei
(Journal of) Fertility and Sterility

Acupuncture has been shown to help to increase fertilisation rates. In 2003 study by Zhang M et al looked at men who’s poor sperm quality lead to low fertilisation rates through IVF/ICIS. Men received acupuncture twice a week over 8 weeks period. The IVF/ICSI  fertilisation rates after acupuncture treatment were significantly higher (66.2%) than that before treatment (40.2%) (P < 0.01).

Certain supplements and herbs also have been shown to be beneficial. We recommend antioxidant rich diet. Vitamin supplements like menevit have been shown to help your sperm count. We believe that your diet is just as important. Herbal supplements can also be helpful. A herbal formula is prescribed individually.

Acupuncture can be helpful for testicular sperm extraction (TESE) candidates. Studies show, that you can avoid TESE if you resource to acupuncture half of the time.  Azoospermic patients awaiting IVF, especially with a history of genital tract inflammation, are good candidates for this treatment.

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IVF ICSI, sperm quality and Autism

In a large study from Sweden, IVF-ICSI using surgically retrieved sperm was associated with a 4.6-fold increase in autism disorders and a 2.3-fold increase risk of intellectual disabilities relative to IVF without ICSI.

IVF-ICSI using ejaculated sperm also was associated with increased risk. A 47% increased risk of intellectual disabilities relative to IVF without ICSI using ejaculated sperm.

If you’re planning IVF, you should consider acupuncture and herbal medicines, lifestyle and diet changes, everything possible to improve the sperm to minimise the potential male fertility impact on your child.

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