Acupuncture for Fertility success stories

It is no secret – the majority of our acupuncture patients are either trying to conceive or are pregnant.

For years we have resisted publishing any acupuncture and fertility success stories. Because facing the diagnosis of infertility is not the same as back pain or migraines. Dealing with infertility can be emotionally challenging, and reading about success of others is a potentially much more hurtful subject.

For far too long, fertility has been a taboo subject, shrouded in secrecy and shame. By sharing our stories, we can break down those barriers and help those who are struggling to conceive. These stories help to destigmatize infertility raising awareness of how many people out there are struggling to conceive.  And, hopefully, they encourage you not to miss the opportunity and to seek timely treatment.

Of course, we understand that reading about others’ success can be bittersweet for some. Proceed with caution.

I had 6 pregnancies. Four of these were miscarriages.
“I highly recommend fertility acupuncture at Dr Vitalis because of the noticeable benefits I saw, including two successful pregnancies.”

A few years ago, when trying for our first baby, we experienced two miscarriages.

Consequently, we visited a fertility clinic for some diagnostic tests. I was diagnosed with PCOS. This explained the history of my long and irregular monthly cycles. Otherwise, they found nothing else abnormal from the fertility perspective.

After some research about the benefits of fertility acupuncture, I found Dr Vitalis practice. The extensive qualifications and the fact they have been doing this for decades gave me confidence they were a good choice.

After a few months of regular treatments my reproductive cycle settled into a regular rhythm. Before I started acupuncture, my menstrual flow was really light, and it used to last 7 days.

After starting this treatment, I did observe changes. The flow became healthier – more abundant, bright red and lasted for five days. Soon after these changes I became pregnant with our son and carried him full term.

We were trying for a second baby last year. And we experienced another two miscarriages.

Because in total, I’ve been through four miscarriages, me and my husband feared something must be very wrong. Another round of diagnostic testing at another IVF clinic. This time all tests were normal.  The specialist thought poor egg quality could be causing our miscarriages, because I am now 40 years old.

At this point, I was seeing a local acupuncturist closer to home. Sadly, I had another miscarriage while having acupuncture with them.

Following the success we’d seen the first time, I made the decision to swap back to Dr Vitalis. Despite the long travel, I live on the opposite end of Auckland, I started with twice weekly appointments. To my surprise within a short time I was successful and am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child.

I had 6 pregnancies. Four of these were miscarriages. The two successful ones occurred while I had acupuncture with Dr Vitalis.  I put our success down to the regular acupuncture treatment.

I enjoyed the sessions with Roberta, the personalised approach. I appreciated how well she understood my situation. I valued the additional practical fertility advice she shared.

I highly recommend fertility acupuncture and Dr Vitalis because of the noticeable benefits that I saw, including two successful pregnancies!

“In my late thirties and with a rapidly diminishing egg supply, I was starting to lose hope of having children” Amelia

When I started seeing Roberta for reproductive acupuncture, I’d had two egg collections and three failed embryo transfers – I’d been attempting IVF for about a year.

In my late thirties and with a rapidly diminishing egg supply, I was starting to lose hope of having children.

Roberta’s approach was immediately calming – professional and matter-of-fact, but empathetic. I had no viable embryos from the last IVF, and only a couple of months remaining before my next egg collection.

After two months of twice-weekly acupuncture my egg collection resulted in two “high quality” embryos. This is something that no embryologist or specialist could say about any of my embryos previously! The embryo transfer was also a success. And it worked, I write this 38 weeks pregnant.

I am certain that this treatment resulted in me producing good quality eggs. It helped prepare my body and mind for a successful pregnancy. I cannot recommend Roberta enough to women trying to conceive, and I cannot thank her enough for giving me this gift.


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