Karnele and baby are happy about anxiety treatment
“Vitalis has saved me from 6 months of anti-anxiety medication” Karlene Couling

I decided to have acupuncture as a last resort before taking anti anxiety medication as I prefer the natural way if possible. I was a little skeptic that it wouldn’t work but thought I had nothing to lose! I suffered from mild anxiety and after 6 treatments it had practically disappeared. I would recommend Vitalis as he has saved me from 6 months of anti anxiety medication.

Thank-you Vitalis! Karlene Couling

Acupuncture helps corporate burnout
“[This treatment] has gifted me with an exuberance for life I never imagined I could feel again”

With the pressures of an arduous job and the onerous perfectionist schedule dominating my existence, I am so glad Vitalis is always an appointment away for sorting out my grey matter!

Vitalis has alleviated me from corporate burnout and depression, which spiraled out of control despite many sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists (and trials of various pharmaceutical concoctions). His therapeutic treatments and great advice has gifted me with an exuberance for life I never imagined I could feel again.

Lien Huynh

“… a huge relief…” L Rushworth

I decided to try acupuncture after reading that it was effective for severe mood swings. I was also experiencing insomnia, was very stressed and didn’t feel like I had control on anything.

I was amazed at how Vitalis with the help of acupuncture made me feel very relaxed and elated after just one treatment.

After further sessions the sleeping problems and nervous tension that I’d lived with for ages disappeared and I have a far greater level of energy. The acupuncture I received from Vitalis has really balanced me and its been a huge relief.

L Rushworth