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Ultimate guide to quickest effective workout

I’ve been asked by my acupuncture patients about keeping fit and role of short workouts so many times, I’ve decided to write about it. You’ll be pleased to learn, a short exercise routine can produce health benefits similar to a long workout at a gym. Yes, just minutes of discomfort will develop appreciable health gains and endurance.

Research shows that it could be as little as 4 minutes. So far, this is the shortest proven workout regime I could find that will produce health benefits. And even if train for a marathon, you can benefit from a quick 4 minutes workout at home on days when you are too busy.

The 4 minutes workout

All right, I have to warn you – this is simpler than you thought it would be.   Read more

Why we procrastinate about long-term health goals

This post is not directly about acupuncture, but needles are a part of the picture.

Dan Ariely is a behavioural economist and an author of a great book Predictably Irrational. In this video he explains reward substitution, one of strategies he used to overcome procrastination and achieve long-term health goals.

What is your strategy?