Michelle tells her lower back pain acupuncture success story
“I visited every practitioner I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain” Michelle

My lower back pain started after I crouched down to get something out of the car while holding my baby on my hip. I really noticed the injury when I returned to work after maternity leave and was sitting at my desk and on the bus for long periods of time. The longer I sat, the more it hurt.

Over the subsequent months, I visited every practitioner, I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain. This included three different osteopaths, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a different acupuncturist. I even had an x-ray to check there was no serious underlying issue. After seven months I had only experienced temporary relief (as in one day) but nothing permanent. Read more

“I was suffering from debilitating migraines…”

Following a snowboarding accident I started to suffer from severe migraines and neck pain. At times the neck was hurting so much, it was keeping me awake at night. I was suffering from debilitating migraines at least twice a month.

In the past 2 years I saw a sports and musculoskeletal medicine specialist and 3 different physiotherapists. These treatments didn’t leave a mark on my almost daily neck pain and headaches.

I love exercise. I enjoy swimming, pilates, running, gym and box-aerobics. But the pain often used to get worse during and after exercise.

I was so frustrated by the lack of any progress, when one of my colleagues recommended that I should see Vitalis.

I’m enjoying life so much more now. I said good-bye to all the painkillers. After suffering for such a long time, it feels so great to be pain free! I can concentrate at work again, I enjoy my exercise so much more, and overall I’m much more balanced and happy.

Lula Rohrer
Age 31
Project Manager, External Relations at The University of Auckland

Muscle tear injury acupuncture success
“This treatment has turned my rugby season around!” Travis Keane

I have torn my quadriceps muscle in the very first game of the rugby season.

As usual, I went to my physiotherapist with my injury.

After 17 treatments with the physio, there was no significant improvement. My physio put this down to the fact, that I was continuing to play rugby and not letting the injury heal.

I took two weeks off and it did make only a slight difference.

One of my team-mates suggested Dr Vitalis. I was not convinced anything could help my torn muscle. After only two visits to Vitalis over one week I had no evidence of the injury as I played rugby. This treatment has turned my rugby season around!

Travis Keane

30 years old

Contracts manager and a passionate rugby player!