Michelle tells her lower back pain acupuncture success story
“I visited every practitioner I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain” Michelle

My lower back pain started after I crouched down to get something out of the car while holding my baby on my hip. I really noticed the injury when I returned to work after maternity leave and was sitting at my desk and on the bus for long periods of time. The longer I sat, the more it hurt.

Over the subsequent months, I visited every practitioner, I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain. This included three different osteopaths, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a different acupuncturist. I even had an x-ray to check there was no serious underlying issue. After seven months I had only experienced temporary relief (as in one day) but nothing permanent.

Then my friend recommended Dr Vitalis and Roberta and I’m eternally grateful! Every time I had a treatment it felt better and the area requiring treatment reduced. I’m also able to sit for longer periods without the terrible pain once I stand up. Now I feel like I’m almost back to ‘normal’.

I really look forward to my sessions. They are always relaxing and I know it’s working. Dr Vitalis and Roberta are true professionals and excellent at what they do. They are very efficient and accommodating.

I would recommend Dr Vitalis and Roberta to anyone who has tried everything else and nothing else has worked. I wish I had seen them right at the beginning!

Michelle Johnson
37 years old

*the name has been changed as requested by the patient