Acupuncture for Back Pain

Considering acupuncture for back pain? This natural option is now a frontline treatment for back pain.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a reputable mainstream peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association.

The new JAMA back pain treatment best practice guidelines recommend acupuncture as a frontline treatment, before resorting to opioids, antidepressants, surgery, steroid and anaesthetic injections. This is for both acute lower back pain and chronic.

These guidelines also include other therapies which we often combine with our acupuncture treatments: superficial heat (our TDP far infrared lights), spinal manipulation, massage and mindfulness. See the chart below for better understanding of back pain treatment we’re renowned for.

JAMA best practice guidelinesOur treatment
AcupunctureFrontline therapy for both acute and chronic back painIncludes Acupuncture
Manipulation (spinal adjustments), massageFrontline for both acute and chronic b.p.Includes Tuina spinal adjustments and massage on the affected muscles
Heat applicationAcute back painWe use far infrared TDP heat lights
Exercise/Yoga/Tai Chi/Motor control exercisesChronic back painWe provide guidelines on exercise and stretching
Mindfulness, CBT, Progressive relaxationChronic back painWe guide and teach some simple yet powerful mindfulness techniques
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Both acute and chronicWe do not supply nor prescribe medications

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Michelle tells her lower back pain acupuncture success story
“I visited every practitioner I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain” Michelle

My lower back pain started after I crouched down to get something out of the car while holding my baby on my hip. I really noticed the injury when I returned to work after maternity leave and was sitting at my desk and on the bus for long periods of time. The longer I sat, the more it hurt.

Over the subsequent months, I visited every practitioner, I could think of to fix the problem or even just ease the pain. This included three different osteopaths, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a different acupuncturist. I even had an x-ray to check there was no serious underlying issue. After seven months I had only experienced temporary relief (as in one day) but nothing permanent. Read more

Anke had acupuncture for back pain and avoided surgery
“I was told by my GP that I would need surgery to sort out my slipped disc” Anke Starr, Devonport, Auckland

When I was told by my GP that I would need surgery to sort out my slipped disc, I was suffering from a debilitating pain, but was very keen to avoid the surgery. Luckily my doctors’ receptionist recommended me to see Vitalis.

After only a couple of treatments I felt much better. In fact, I was pain-free. I am very happy to say that thanks to Vitalis my health improved a lot and my back problems have resolved. Now I can go running again and I feel great!

Thank you Vitalis!

With kind regards, Anke Starr

Devonport, Auckland

“I never had such a fast response” Andrea Buisman, Auckland Hospital

I received acupuncture and manual therapy by Vitalis for pregnancy related symptoms I am truly amazed by the results. Without this help I would have been unable to continue my very dynamic and strenuous job as a nurse in a hospital.

Vitalis delivers a high standard of care and shows impeccable knowledge and skill. Over many years I received occasional physiotherapy and chiropractic for similar complaints, but never had such a fast response. Vitalis, I wish you all the best and keep up your amazing work.

Andrea Buisman,
Auckland Hospital