“In a short period of time, Vitalis had a more significant impact than all of the time I have spent over the years” Steve Scott, Managing Director, Auckland

Vitalis’ efficacy is unparalleled. I have received treatment for chronic issues related to posture. Vitalis has a range of knowledge and skills which are complementary making them highly and immediately effective. In a short period of time, Vitalis had a more significant impact than all of the time I have spent over the years with chiropractors, physios, traditional osteopaths etc. Vitalis has also brought me significant health improvements in terms of the managing the daily stresses of life as a busy Managing Director.

Steve Scott, Managing Director, Auckland.

“Spine specialist in England told me I would require fusing of my lower spine and the continuing agony was making my life hell” Jill Ireland

Just before I came to this country two years ago, I saw a Spine Specialist in England, who kindly told me after him seeing my results from a MRI that I would require the fusing of my lower spine. This would put me out of action for sometime and would cause me quite considerable discomfort for sometime. He did add though that I was rather young to have this done and so I decided to try to put up with the agonising pain.

Since arriving in New Zealand, I have at time been at my wit’s end with the pain, which has resulted in me taking strong pain killers, which I am quite anti to do so. About two months ago things got really bad, where I was finding it very difficult even to walk a few metres and the continuing agony was making my life hell and that takes some doing, co’s I have a high pain threshold barrier and I just didn’t know what I was going to do apart from give in and have an operation.

I’ve always thought acupuncture was a load of rubbish, after my husband once had it done to stop him smoking, but to no avail, but I had got to a stage where I would give anything a go. Then I found Vitalis. I felt significant relief right after the first treatment. And now I feel no pain. The treatment that he has given me and continues to give me is absolutely marvelous, whereas life is now enjoyable again and I am sure I will be able to put off an operation for sometime to come, plus I have a wonderful nap each treatment time.

Vitalis has a lovely nature about himself and I would recommend his practice to anyone, he’s doing a marvelous job.

Thank you so much Vitalis.

Kind Regards Jill Ireland.

Acupuncture best therapy for back pain

I have mentioned to you before that acupuncture is more effective than conventional treatment for pregnancy back pain, that acupuncture relieves lower back pain long-term and that you don’t even necessarily need the needles, acupressure for back pain alone is more effective than conventional therapies.

Now scientists from Germany have clearly spelled out that acupuncture is almost twice as effective as conventional treatment. And that the effect of treatment lasts for at least 6 months. This news has generated a lot of publicity from media worldwide, but not much in New Zealand.
Interestingly, none of the previous research got so much attention as this.

Reference: Archives of Internal Medicine