“I am no longer taking anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers” Avon Hansen Beadle

I was at my wit’s end with very severe arthritis in both hands, which was a side effect of a drug prescribed after my breast cancer surgery. Prior to that, quite some time ago, I had developed a large seroma under my arm as a result of having lymph nodes removed, and my body was not draining all the fluid properly. Dr. Vitalis was able to address the seroma, so when my hands started bothering me, I naturally went back to him.

I saw my GP who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that helped, but I knew I couldn’t stay on them forever. I needed to be more proactive about my treatment.

I decided to see Dr. Vitalis again because I had had success with acupuncture years ago. I was frustrated and exhausted from the pain and lack of sleep, so I Googled him and made an appointment. Dr. Vitalis was quietly professional and caring, which was exactly what I needed.

Initially, I noticed a gentle improvement in my flexibility, but after a few days, I could sense my hands and mood improving as well. The dexterity in my fingers has returned, and I am no longer taking anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers.

I would recommend Dr. Vitalis to all of my friends as his treatment has been very effective for me.

Avon Hansen Beadle, teacher