“significant reduction in the severity of my headaches and migraines” Merle

After suffering from debilitating headaches and neck and shoulder pain for many years, and having already tried various forms of therapy such as massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic manipulations – all of which proved ineffective – I became frustrated with my inability to function adequately. At my wits’ end with the pain, I decided to put my skepticism about acupuncture to one side and scheduled an appointment with Dr Vitalis acupuncture in Auckland.

Prior to visiting Dr Vitalis, I took painkillers on a daily basis and struggled with stress from my demanding job, poor sleep, nausea, and chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as exhausting headaches and migraines. I had resigned myself to an existence of using painkillers and a heated wheat bag numerous times a day just to alleviate the severe pain I felt every day.

After just four sessions of acupuncture with Vitalis, my sleeping patterns improved, and I noticed a significant reduction in the severity of my headaches and migraines. Although my neck and shoulder pain is still noticeable, it’s now more tolerable, and I’m better able to cope with daily life stressors, thanks to Vitalis. He’s put a semblance of normality back into my life. I highly and unequivocally recommend Vitalis’s acupuncture practice to anyone. I encourage people to put their skepticism about acupuncture to one side so that they can experience the numerous benefits of this therapy, particularly for headaches and migraines.


Age 44
Occupation: Civil Servant

Karnele and baby are happy about anxiety treatment
“Vitalis has saved me from 6 months of anti-anxiety medication” Karlene Couling

I decided to have acupuncture as a last resort before taking anti anxiety medication as I prefer the natural way if possible. I was a little skeptic that it wouldn’t work but thought I had nothing to lose! I suffered from mild anxiety and after 6 treatments it had practically disappeared. I would recommend Vitalis as he has saved me from 6 months of anti anxiety medication.

Thank-you Vitalis! Karlene Couling

Iain fees a difference in stress levels after acupuncture
“I felt a fundamental shift within myself and the changes are now a constant” Dr. Iain Doherty, PhD

Before I came to see Vitalis, I was overworked and felt a need for a holiday… I was so tired, I was having problems maintaining focus on my research.

After my first session, I felt really well rested and much calmer. I felt more energetic and my ability to concentrate improved tremendously. By about the fourth week of treatment, I felt a fundamental shift within myself, and the changes are now a constant.

I would recommend Vitalis to anyone who needs to perform under pressure.

Iain Doherty, PhD  –  www.iaindoherty.com