Karnele and baby are happy about anxiety treatment
“Vitalis has saved me from 6 months of anti-anxiety medication” Karlene Couling

I decided to have acupuncture as a last resort before taking anti anxiety medication as I prefer the natural way if possible. I was a little skeptic that it wouldn’t work but thought I had nothing to lose! I suffered from mild anxiety and after 6 treatments it had practically disappeared. I would recommend Vitalis as he has saved me from 6 months of anti anxiety medication.

Thank-you Vitalis! Karlene Couling

Iain fees a difference in stress levels after acupuncture
“I felt a fundamental shift within myself and the changes are now a constant” Dr. Iain Doherty, PhD

Before I came to see Vitalis, I was overworked and felt a need for a holiday… I was so tired, I was having problems maintaining focus on my research.

After my first session, I felt really well rested and much calmer. I felt more energetic and my ability to concentrate improved tremendously. By about the fourth week of treatment, I felt a fundamental shift within myself, and the changes are now a constant.

I would recommend Vitalis to anyone who needs to perform under pressure.

Iain Doherty, PhD  –  www.iaindoherty.com

Sherilyn happy about lower back pain and fertility treatment
“It feels like someone has turned the “light switch” back on and I am back to my old self!” Sherilyn McCarthy

Initially I went to see Vitalis for lower back pain. This was caused by sitting at my computer all day long. And also a friend of mine said acupuncture can also help with infertility issues.

So I thought I’d give it a go.

What I didn’t realise at the time was, that I also had other things wrong with me boiling under the surface as well.

For example, I was anxious, moody, stressed and just plain tired all the time.

But now I am not tired during the day at all, in fact, I feel the opposite, I feel energised.

I seem to have more energy and can focus on my work and for longer hours. Also, I don’t feel stressed, I feel relaxed. Also my lower back problem has diminished.

Unlike going to a Doctor for one problem and getting a drug to fix it. This treatment feels like it’s fixing the main problem, but also fixing the underlying other problems that you are not aware you had.

It feels like Vitalis brought everything back together in my body, and got everything moving again.

No one can control the stresses that life throws at you from time to time. But I feel that after having treatment with Vitalis, I am much better “equipped” to handle any stressful situation that may and has come my way.

I am sleeping deeper and feel energised and awake during the day. It feels like someone has turned the “light switch” back on and I am back to my old self.

The good self I used to be.

Thank you very much Vitalis!

Sherilyn McCarthy