Auckland COVID update

Yes, we’re open 🟢

Auckland Level 3 restrictions have been extended. Is acupuncture permitted at Level 3 lockdown? Starting 21/08/2021 we have been given the green light to see patients, while following strict criteria and protocols. We are both relieved and excited. Because we are limiting our capacity for face-to-face appointments, if you need to see us, please get […]

Tongue diagnosis Acupuncture TCM

“Why do you need to see my tongue?”

Understanding TCM Acupuncture tongue diagnosis Chinese medicine says that anything that happens inside of your body may have some representation on the outside. If you haven’t slept enough last night, likely your observant colleagues will pick it up. Having a cold? This one can be even more obvious. Even mild conditions may represent in the […]

Acupuncture for immunity

How do you boost your immune system while awaiting COVID-19 vaccine? Can you prevent getting this virus? Does acupuncture help? Acupuncture has a powerful effect on immunity. It can save lives*!   In 2014, a study on sepsis and acupuncture appeared in the most prestigious medical journal – Nature. Sepsis is highly deadly. But in […]

Depressed. Trying to conceive? A natural solution.

How depression and anxiety affect fertility Depression/stress and fertility – the classic catch 22. Stay with us and learn why pharmaceutical management of depression may be a poor choice and how to solve this situation naturally with the help of non-drug interventions including acupuncture. Couples with infertility report increased anxiety and depression. Infertility has every […]

Dry needling vs acupuncture

Acupuncture vs dry needling

Learn why it is best to choose acupuncture practised by a qualified practitioner rather than dry needling.

Endometriosis pelvic pain video

Acupuncture for pelvic pain

Endometriosis New Zealand asked us to shoot a video on acupuncture for pelvic pain. Learn how acupuncture helps this debilitating condition.

Tongue diagnosis TCM pulse

Tongue and pulse diagnosis

When you visit your acupuncturist, it is likely they will ask to see your tongue and will feel your pulse. Why?