How acupuncture helps inflammation

Inflammation: How your immune system can turn against you, and how to make it work again

In the glamorous world of balanced health, there lies a covert saboteur, one that cunningly evades the light yet contributes to the wellness woes, wrecking healthy aging and even fertility. Let me introduce you to chronic inflammation, the less attention grabbing yet equally powerful cousin of its acute counterpart. Picture this: your immune system is […]

“diagnosed with endometriosis and following laparoscopic surgery, I struggled with severe pelvic pain and cramps.” Imogen

Since being diagnosed with endometriosis at the start of the year and following laparoscopic surgery for treatment, I struggled with severe pelvic pain and cramps. The pain and medication required to manage the pain itself were hugely impacting my life. Some days I was unable to get out of bed without strong pain medication. I […]

How COVID affects sperm quality

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a concerning issue has emerged: a potential link between the virus and decreased sperm quality in men. While fever is believed to be a contributing factor, research has also shown that the virus can damage the very cells that support sperm, and even bind to the sperm itself, […]


Does acupuncture help with long COVID?

What we’re doing to ensure COVID safety

Refreshed on 01 September 2023 Our COVID strategy is simple. We treat every patient as vulnerable. Here, at Dr Vitalis Acupuncture Auckland,  we take a cautious and science-based approach. And as new information about the virus comes to light, we adjust our protocols accordingly. Ventilation. Because COVID spreads through droplets in the air, great ventilation […]

Acupuncture for Dementia

Acupuncture and Dementia: How this treatment reduces the risk

New studies shed light on acupuncture’s potential to protect against dementia, particularly among those battling insomnia as well as those affected by migraines. Acupuncture for patients with insomnia and dementia risk Chronic sleep problems can muddy the waters of cognitive health, increasing the risk of dementia over time. But acupuncture might just be the lighthouse […]

Tongue diagnosis Acupuncture TCM

“Why do you need to see my tongue?”

Understanding TCM Acupuncture tongue diagnosis Have you ever heard of tongue and pulse diagnosis in acupuncture? This traditional Chinese medicine technique has been used for thousands of years to diagnose and treat health issues. It may seem unusual, but Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the tongue and pulse can provide important insights into the state […]

Acupuncture for immunity

How do you boost your immune system while awaiting COVID-19 vaccine? Can you prevent getting this virus? Does acupuncture help? Acupuncture has a powerful effect on immunity. It can save lives*!   In 2014, a study on sepsis and acupuncture appeared in the most prestigious medical journal – Nature. Sepsis is highly deadly. But in […]