What we’re doing to ensure COVID safety

Our COVID strategy is simple. We treat every patient as vulnerable. We take an over-cautious science-based approach.

The exact protocols will inevitably change as the virus mutates and as scientific understanding of it advances.

  • Ventilation. Because Covid spreads through droplets in the air, great ventilation is absolutely critical. We have upgraded our active ventilation system. Additionally, we leave as many doors and windows open as practically possible to encourage fresh air flow.
  • We are double vaccinated. There is no clarity about mandatory vaccination for acupuncturists. With us you can rest assured. We are vaccinated.
  • Masks. Everyone in our rooms is required to have face coverings. We wear surgical masks at all times. We encourage you to wear either a surgical mask or N95, as they offer better protection. Snug-fitting mask makes a difference. And if you wish to have enhanced protection, or are vulnerable we recommend wearing a cotton mask over a surgical mask.
  • Minimal contact with others/ social distancing. We endeavor to book your appointment in the way that you would not need to wait. If you arrive early please let us know, we may be able to see you, but please wait outside, and we will take you through as soon as your treatment room is sufficiently ventilated and is ready.
  • Screening. Before each visit, we screen every patient by asking some questions about any possible COVID symptoms, as well as possible exposures to assess the risk. We need you to fill out an online form before your visit.
  • Extra cleaning. In addition to our regular cleaning routines, we wipe frequently touched surfaces, including our eftpos machine, doorknobs, and other contact surfaces several times daily with alcohol-based wipes. Frequently touched surfaces in the room are wiped after every patient.
  • Hand hygiene. Please use alcohol-based hand sanitiser at the entrance door outside by the mailbox or the one on our reception desk.
  • Telehealth. We try to reduce face-to-face appointments and prefer to conduct most consultations online.
  • Scan. QR codes are at the entrance and at the reception desk. We do record your visit in our appointment system, but scanning is also a helpful and important step in the management of spread of this virus.

If you have any questions or suggestions of what we can do to accomodate your special needs or your safety at our rooms, please get in touch.