Acupuncture – natural botox for celebrities

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cher are having weekly “acupuncture facelifts” to ward off their wrinkles. Read the story on Telegraph | Health | A few pointers for a new face

A visit to the hospital can include acupuncture

3 August 2004 Following an NHS lead in the UK, the Green Party hopes a visit to the hospital can include options such as acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathic medicines. It follows the release of a report into complementary and alternative health treatments. The Ministerial Advisory Committee recommends that alternative practices deemed safe are worthy of […]

Acupunture post-operative nausea

Acupuncture post-operative nausea: study

A team of Hong Kong and Australian scientists reviewed 26 trials which looked into the use of  Pericardium six, a well known acupuncture point on the wrist to relieve the post-operative symptoms like nausea. The results show that compared with a sham treatment, Pericardium six stimulation reduced nausea by 29 percent, vomiting by 30 percent, […]

Hard to Conceive? Find Infertility Cure

The Washington Post: Hard to Conceive: “Hard to Conceive Unable to Get Pregnant, She Turned East in Quest of Fertility ” And why not? Six months on fertility drugs, two inseminations and one $13,000 attempt at vitro fertilization (IVF) had all failed me — or them. I felt I had to try something else. In […]

“after every treatment, I notice a difference” Jess Chesney

I came to see Dr Vitalis as I was suffering from symptoms from a concussion. Consequently, I developed insomnia and hadn’t been sleeping for weeks despite being such a good sleeper in the past. I had tinnitus, daily headaches, and a very sore, stiff neck due to whiplash. I didn’t have much range in turning my […]