Acupunture post-operative nausea

Acupuncture post-operative nausea: study

A team of Hong Kong and Australian scientists reviewed 26 trials which looked into the use of  Pericardium six, a well known acupuncture point on the wrist to relieve the post-operative symptoms like nausea.

The results show that compared with a sham treatment, Pericardium six stimulation reduced nausea by 29 percent, vomiting by 30 percent, and the need for drugs that suppress nausea by 31 percent

In short acupuncture has been just as effective as routine anti-sickness drugs, but had few side effects. Additionally, it was cheaper than medicine, the study found.

Generally, physicians and patients are not aware of this simple, yet effective natural treatment for preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting. If you are going for a surgery, talk to your doctor about this.