Acupuncture and Migraine Headaches

Acupuncture for headaches – now a recognised treatment

Have you ever suffered a migraine headache? Then you know, it is a debilitating, disabling condition and medicines don’t always help.

In recent years, acupuncture became a recognised treatment for migraines. It has been recommended by World Health Organisation. Now it gets a nod from a number of other organisations including the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK.

More effective than drugs

In 2008 a reputable journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia published a  systematic review on acupuncture and management of headaches. The review concluded that acupuncture is superior to medication therapy. It is more effective at reducing both intensity and frequency of the headaches.

Acupuncture is safe

Acupuncture is very safe when used correctly. Topiramate is a drug indicated for the prevention of the migraine headaches.  Journal of Cephalgia has published a study comparing Acupuncture vs Topiramate treatment. Acupuncture proved to be more effective and 10 times safer.

“For tension headache, migraine and other kinds of headache due to a variety of causes, acupuncture has performed favourably in trials comparing it with standard therapy”

Migraines and neck pain

If you suffer from migraines, chances are your neck muscles are stiff and tight. Almost two-thirds of patients will suffer from some neck symptoms stiffness before, during or after a migraine occurs. Our observation, that most of these patients will have tense neck muscles even between the episodes of migraines. Acupuncture can help with neck pain and tension. If you decide to start with acupuncture for migraines, we will consider addressing your neck at the same time.

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