How COVID affects sperm quality

Covid-19 lowers sperm quality. Researchers believe that this is likely to be caused by fever, however, the virus can damage the cells supporting sperm and it can bind to the sperm itself potentially damaging it.

In a study in India 70% of men had a 49% decline in sperm quality 10 weeks after they recovered from covid. The remaining 30% did not see a decline in measurable sperm parameters. 21 weeks after recovery from covid, most of the men sperm parameters somewhat recovered, and where still 12% lower than prior to covid. However remaining 15% showed no signs of recovery. Is this permanent damage? We do not know.

Epididymis a coiled 7-meters-length tube in testes, which stores and transports sperm. A study conducted by University of Sao Paulo Medical School showed that epididymis was inflamed in 11 of 26 men during mild to moderate covid infection but not in the degree of an intensive care unit. Laboratory research showed that this coronavirus can infect the Sertoli cells in testes which support sperm.

Can acupuncture help to recover male fertility affected by covid? We do not have the studies, but acupuncture has been shown to improve blood flow to testes, sperm parameters as well as reduce inflammation.