Tongue diagnosis TCM pulse

Tongue and pulse diagnosis

When you visit your acupuncturist, it is likely they will ask to see your tongue and will feel your pulse. Why?

Acupuncture for menopause

Menopause: acupuncture offers long term effects

Acupuncture helps menopause patients. It reduces hot flash interference, improves sleep quality, physical discomforts, improves/restores memory, and anxiety. Learn more what Duke University researchers discovered about this condition.

Acupuncture helps depression: cytokines

How acupuncture helps with depression

Recent research discovered that depression is not only a psychiatric condition – it has a physiological manifestation in the brain. Scientists found that depressed patients have higher levels of cytokines.

Learn about role of cytokines, inflammation and how acupuncture works to help this condition.

How acupuncture helps fertility

5 New Discoveries about how Acupuncture helps Fertility

Learn about the five new scientific discoveries revealing how acupuncture can help you get a baby.

Acupuncture points FMRI

How does acupuncture work

See it to believe: FMRI can visually show increased activity in various centres of the brain to explain how acupuncture works.

Pregnancy acupuncture is safe

Pregnancy acupuncture is exceptionally safe

Safety of pregnancy acupuncture is confirmed in studies. Learn more why this therapy is obstetricians’ choice for its lack of adverse events and side-effects.