Tongue diagnosis Acupuncture TCM

“Why do you need to see my tongue?”

Understanding TCM Acupuncture tongue diagnosis

Chinese medicine says that anything that happens inside of your body may have some representation on the outside. If you haven’t slept enough last night, likely your observant colleagues will pick it up. Having a cold? This one can be even more obvious.

Even mild conditions may represent in the facial complexion, in your voice, your smell, the way we behave. Chinese medicine practitioners utilised these observations extensively for millennia. And they discovered that tongue and pulse can change a great deal. Therefore, when you come in for a treatment other than an injury, it is likely I will inspect your tongue and feel your pulse.

I don’t base TCM diagnosis solely on this, but it helps me to get a more complete picture of your condition and choose the best acupuncture protocol in your situation.

Pulse and tongue diagnoses are often mystified and the powers of them are exaggerated. Some practitioners claiming they can detect the sex of the baby in pregnancy or detect cancer. However, the leading minds in Chinese medicine are very clear on this. These diagnostic techniques are only a small integral part of TCM diagnosis.