IVF Acupuncture info evening

Would you like to learn how acupuncture improves your chances of successful IVF treatment?

Attend an information evening on Acupuncture and IVF in Auckland.

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Fertility and Yoga workshop: 20 Feb 2016

A practical workshop on how to give yourself a better chance to conceive in 2016 by Roberta Mek, acupuncturist, Fellow of American Oriental Reproductive Medicine

How to optimise your fertility either trying naturally or undergoing IVF/IUI:

  • lifestyle factors that make a difference
  • complementary therapies including acupuncture, herbal medicines, mindfulness

Timing is the key when trying to conceive. Studies show that 80% of women don’t get it right. Learn how to improve your chances.

Know when to seek medical help and how to get the best value out of your specialist visit.

Learn some fertility yoga and acupressure for fertility.