Sleeping pills vs Acupuncture
Sleeping pills Acupuncture
Cause sedation. Sedation is not sleep!Restores your natural sleep.
Cause drowsiness, which may affect driving. Use of sleeping pills associated with significantly increased risk of death. Improves concentration, enhances memory, interferes with the mechanism of stress. Causes no undesirable sedation.
Does not treat the underlying cause. May treat the underlying cause.
Although the response is immediate, the benefits are short-term only. The sleeping pills stop working when you stop taking them. The response is somewhat slower than the sleeping pills, but the positive effects are sustained much longer.
Addictive. Due to the addictive properties, the sleeping pills are normally only effective in the first two weeks you take them. They are only good for short-term relief. Acupuncture is helpful both short and long term.