NZ general practitioners embrace acupuncture

New Zealand GPs embrace acupuncture

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, it is intriguing to observe the increasing incorporation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) into mainstream medical practice. A recent survey of 300 New Zealand general practitioners highlights a promising trend in the integration of acupuncture into their daily practice.

A Growing Interest in Acupuncture:

The survey unveiled that an impressive 95% of the participating doctors referred patients to one or more forms of complementary and alternative medicine, while 20% practiced these therapies themselves. Notably, acupuncture emerged as the most common CAM therapy practiced by GPs/family doctors in New Zealand.

Pursuing Education in CAM Therapies:

The study also shed light on the extent to which medical professionals pursued formal education in these areas. Thirty-two percent of respondents reported having undergone formal training, while 29% indicated they were self-educated in one or more CAM therapies.

The Future of CAM in Medical Education:

As the medical community increasingly recognises the potential of CAM therapies, such as acupuncture, it’s no surprise that a significant portion of surveyed doctors – 67% to be precise – expressed their belief that CAM should be included in conventional medical education as an overview.


The integration of CAM therapies, particularly acupuncture, into New Zealand’s mainstream medical practice illustrates a growing recognition of the benefits these therapies offer. As medical professionals continue to pursue formal and informal education in these areas, we can anticipate a more holistic approach to healthcare that effectively combines conventional medicine with CAM therapies to provide the best possible care to patients.