Period pain acupuncture

Acupuncture for menstrual pain

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstrual pain. Dysmenorrhea is defined as cramping pain during menstruation. It affects most women throughout the menstrual years.

Dysmenorrhea is differentiated into primary and secondary. When the doctors can diagnose a condition which causes the period pain, they call it secondary dysmenorrhea. When there is no clear cause for pain, the period pain is called primary dysmenorrhea.

The only current Western Medicine treatments available are symptom management with pain medication.

In Chinese Medicine menstrual has been treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for millennia. It not only reduces discomfort, but it addresses the core of the problem – pro-inflammatory cytokines. These are naturally occurring substances in the body and they are necessary to keep you healthy. But at the same time during the period they are abundant and  can sensitize your nervous system leading to aches and pains.

Many clinical trials had been conducted to show efficacy of acupuncture on menstrual pain. Now researchers are doing the reviews of clinical trials to build a stronger evidence. 2018 systematic review and meta analysis selected 60 acupuncture for  menstrual pain studies.

After reviewing the evidence, researchers concluded that acupuncture was significantly more effective at reducing period pain than no treatment, or pain medication. And pain relief lasted over the few months follow up.

No need to suffer. Menstrual pain is normal, but unnecessary. Get a treatment that can change your life.