Bad posture, Blood Pressure and Migraine headache connection?

Researchers at University of Leeds, UK, have found a direct neural connection between neck muscles and a part of the brain stem (called the nucleus tractus solitarius), which plays a crucial role in regulating heart rate and blood pressure. (The Journal of Neuroscience)

This finding could explain why blood pressure and heart rate sometimes change when the neck muscles are injured – through whiplash, for example. Similarly, it is possible that hours spent hunched over a computer may raise blood pressure.

Tense neck muscles also can be a cause of headaches and migraines.

If your neck muscles are tense, I urge you to address this:

1. Stretch regularly, observe your posture
2. Get your partner to massage your shoulders frequently
3. Acupuncture (has long term effect relaxing neck muscles)
4. Gentle manipulation (to correct the posture and to prevent the muscles tensing up)

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