Auckland COVID update

Level 4 lockdown in Auckland Aug/Sept 2021

Because Auckland level 3 lockdown, we will stay closed until the restrictions are lifted to Level 2.

Email us today with any queries, so that if you need treatment, you’ll be the first in line when we reopen.

Kia kaha!

Dr Vitalis Acupuncture

Why is acupuncture not considered an “essential service”?

Yes, the consistency with the assessment of what is essential is lacking.

For example:

  • General practitioners are considered essential, but the same GPs with a special interest – no. Specialist care is also considered essential. Does it make sense? No.
  • Hand therapy and physio are an essential service, but not podiatry.

We do appreciate, that during the first lockdown a quick decision was made, there was no time to and consistently assess what is essential. Didn’t we have COVID situation long enough to have consistency, allowing patients in emergency and acute needs to access the health service they require?

Our patients having acute needs include ones undergoing IVF treatments, cancer pain, severe pelvic pain (endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, acute period pain), recurrent miscarriages (currently pregnant), atrial fibrillation, migraines to name a few.

How is recurrent miscarriage an acute need, you say? If you had 8 miscarriages that did not last 8 weeks, you started acupuncture and now you’re 9 weeks pregnant for the very first time. How discontinuing the ongoing treatment will affect you?