Our Pain-free Acupuncture

Transcript of the video:

And I never felt the needles go in. And often, I was quite intrigued wanting to look at them actually, to see how they look.

Yes, I’m a bit of needle-phobic. I don’t like giving blood. I don’t like injections. But I didn’t have any problems with the acupuncture needles. I didn’t feel them at all. So, it’s good.

Well, I was never a big fan of needles. I mean, I’ve had injections and things like that. And I was always nervous around them. But I was really pleasantly surprised how painless it was, actually.

And just at peace and really calm and relaxed… I often would fall asleep  during acupuncture. And I’d be like, oh you know, literally snoring, waking myself up, because I was just so relaxed. And, I’d go home driving the car. And people would be madly rushing around or the honking their horns, and I just be like, “what’s your problem just chill” because I was so relaxed. Yeah,  amazing.

And just everything put me at ease. I’m not one for needles. So, the fact that it didn’t hurt was fantastic. And sleeping every session. It just really relaxed me. So, I could actually come here and really de-stress, and enjoy the sessions.