Acupuncture interferes with the mechanism of stress

Acupuncture is great at reducing stress. Even the patients who are seeing me for treatment of other health issues with acupuncture such as infertility report reduced anxiety. One of the first things they often notice is that sleep improves and they experience reduced irritability. They feel more relaxed at work and at home.

Even though we had viable theories on how and why acupuncture helps stress, we know very little about what exactly happens on the cellular level. Researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center made a major contribution to understanding how acupuncture helps. They discovered that acupuncture interferes with the very mechanism of stress. It blocks the chronic, stress-induced elevations of the HPA axis hormones and the sympathetic NPY pathway.

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“Vitalis has saved me from 6 months of anti-anxiety medication” Karlene Couling

I decided to have acupuncture as a last resort before taking anti anxiety medication as I prefer the natural way if possible. I was a little skeptic that it wouldn’t work but thought I had nothing to lose! I suffered from mild anxiety and after 6 treatments it had practically disappeared. I would recommend Vitalis as he has saved me from 6 months of anti anxiety medication.

Thank-you Vitalis! Karlene Couling

“I felt a fundamental shift within myself and the changes are now a constant” Dr. Iain Doherty, PhD

Before I came to see Vitalis, I was overworked and felt a need for a holiday… I was so tired, I was having problems maintaining focus on my research.

After my first session, I felt really well rested and much calmer. I felt more energetic and my ability to concentrate improved tremendously. By about the fourth week of treatment, I felt a fundamental shift within myself, and the changes are now a constant.

I would recommend Vitalis to anyone who needs to perform under pressure.

Iain Doherty, PhD  –