Acupuncture for TMJ

TMJ Acupuncture

Biting, into your favorite delicious chocolate bar, can be a painful experience when you suffer from the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or TMJD). But it is only one of the numerous symptoms TMJD can cause. Other symptoms may include headaches or migraines, tooth pain, to name a few.

Journal of Orofacial Pain has published a systematic review on acupuncture for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

The review included 19 randomized controlled trials. The results concluded that acupuncture was more effective for TMD symptoms than physical therapy. Acupuncture was also more effective than indomethacin plus vitamin B1 therapy, and a wait-list control. Furthermore, this natural treatment was safe with no serious adverse events reported by the studies.

Three of the studies, included in the review, compared acupuncture to a placebo. Researchers concluded acupuncture had a therapeutic effect beyond placebo.

All in all, acupuncture is natural, safe and effective treatment option for TMJ pain.