Tension Headache

Post-traumatic headache? Acupuncture is recommended.

Why acupuncture is the best option for the post-traumatic headache?

US military physicians say it should be recommended to patients because it is:

    • effective,
    • safe,
    • cost-effective,
    • has long-lasting benefits.

Dr Khusid of Deployment Health Clinical Centre (US Department of Defence) in her study says the current guidelines recommend a symptomatic approach for the three patterns of post-traumatic headaches: migraine-like, tension-like, and mixed symptomatology.

The symptomatic approach means that only the symptoms are treated/relieved, not addressing the root cause of the headaches.

Dr Khusid concludes that current evidence shows that acupuncture is effective for migraine prophylaxis and neurovascular and tension-type headaches. Because of its safety, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting benefits, adjunctive acupuncture should be offered to patients with chronic post-traumatic headaches. It  may be a valuable treatment for patients with contraindications to pharmaceutical medications.

Journal reference article: Clinical Indications for Acupuncture in Chronic Post-Traumatic Headache Management