How acupuncture helps fertility

5 New Discoveries about how Acupuncture helps Fertility

A number of recent studies focus on how reproductive acupuncture helps fertility and improves IVF success rates. Here is a summary of the most important discoveries.

Acupuncture perfects the uterine lining

It improves the chances of triple-line pattern uterine lining. This kind of lining is much preferred when you’re trying to conceive, as it gives you a higher chance of successful pregnancy.

Improves blood supply

Acupuncture improves blood supply to the uterine lining. Previously we already had studies showing improved blood flow to uterus and ovaries. This study has shown that even uterine vascularisation has improved following 3 months of treatment. Uterine blood flow is essential for conception.

Increases uterine receptivity

This time-tested therapy also improves uterine receptivity. A protein HOXA10 has been measured in the uterine lining. HOXA10 has an important function in regulating endometrial development during the menstrual cycle and in establishing conditions necessary for implantation of an embryo. Hoxa10 expression is lower in women with endometriosis, PCOS and hydrosalpinx.

Regulates sugar levels

It helps to regulate sugar levels. The glucose levels are especially important to both PCOS and diabetic patients.

Optimises ovarian volume and AMH

Acupuncture benefits PCOS patients by normalising ovarian volume and AMH.

How much acupuncture does one need to have to improve fertility? One session can already make a difference, but to see measurable improvements to your fertility, you need to commit to at least 18 sessions or three months of treatment.

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