How acupuncture works?

Acupuncture increases Adenosine 24-fold

acupuncture adenosine

I have stumbled upon an article on the mechanism of acupuncture in the latest issue of the journal of Nature.

A team of scientist from the University of Rochester, New York found acupuncture triggered an increase in neurotransmitter adenosine an incredible 24-fold at the punctured area. The study is important because it explains one of the mechanisms of how acupuncture works.
Listen to Scientific American podcast on the subject:

More details in Nature Neuroscience.

Update: there was substantial media coverage of this study, including scientific journals like Scientific American and mainstream media including the New Zealand Herald. I’ve inserted a scanned image of the story in the NZ Herald forwarded to me by one of my colleagues.


Some blogs objected that this study on acupuncture was misrepresented in the press. And even though it was performed meticulously. It had to be to be a good study to be published in peer-reviewed Nature Magazine.

Some skeptics have jumped and questioned every word in it. Some bloggers even attacked the fact, that the wife of one of 16 authors of the study “is closely associated with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine”. Hello guys, it is easy to criticise someone else’s work. Compare most orthodox medical studies to this one and you will see, that this indeed is a quality research.

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