How acupuncture works?

Acupuncture increases Adenosine 24-fold

acupuncture adenosine

Would you like to hear about the latest breakthrough in acupuncture? I have came across an article on the mechanism of acupuncture in the latest issue of the journal of Nature. A team of amazing scientists from the University of Rochester, New York have discovered that acupuncture triggers an incredible 24-fold increase in neurotransmitter adenosine at the punctured area!

This is big news because it sheds more light the mechanisms of how acupuncture actually works. If you want to learn more about this incredible discovery, check out the Scientific American podcast on the subject or read the article in the latest issue of Nature Neuroscience.

More details in Nature Neuroscience.

Update: there was substantial media coverage of this study, including scientific journals like Scientific American and mainstream media including the New Zealand Herald. I’ve inserted a scanned image of the story in the NZ Herald forwarded to me by one of my colleagues. So go ahead, give it a read and share with your friends!


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